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Smokefree Outdoor Spaces Policy

Please note that this consultation has now closed, thank you to everyone who made a submission.


Council first adopted a Smokefree Outdoor Spaces Policy in 2019. The purpose of the Policy is to promote the health and wellbeing of our communities by discouraging smoking in outdoor areas. The Policy utilises non-regulatory approaches such as smokefree areas, signage and education/awareness to achieve behavioural change. The principles of the Policy are:

  • Promotion and support of the health and wellbeing of our community, including children and young people.
  • Encouraging behavioural change in a manner that is acceptable and reflects our community values.
  • Fostering a positive smokefree message, with an emphasis on modelling positive behaviour for children and young people.

We review this policy every five years to check in with the community if any changes are required.


What is included in the policy? 

The Policy contains smokefree public areas across the whole of the district as follows:

  • All Council owned or managed Parks and Reserves
  • Council owned playgrounds
  • Skate parks
  • All Council owned or managed sports locations
  • All bus stops and shelters.
  • Public toilets
  • The Hauraki Rail Trail
  • Entrances outside all Council owned and operated buildings.
  • Outdoor public areas within the Central Business District (CBD) of Te Aroha, Matamata and Morrinsville (please see Schedule 1 of the draft policy)
  • All footpath outdoor dining areas within the district.
  • All public cark parks outside CBD areas.


Are we proposing any changes to the Policy?

We're not proposing any major changes to this Policy and have only made minor amendments to assist in clarity. These changes are indicated in the draft Policy in red text with proposed deletions struck through. We want to know from you if you think any changes are required to meet the needs of the community.


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Submissions have now closed. 

Draft Smokefree Outdoor Spaces Policy

Statement of Proposal

Draft Smokefree Outdoor Spaces Policy 2024

Draft Smokefree Outdoor Spaces Policy 2024 (with tracked changes)




Project Timeline


Council adopt proposal for community consultation

13 March 2024



Consultation on draft Smokefree Outdoor Spaces Policy

21 March - 21 April 2024

Hearing on draft Smokefree Outdoor Spaces Policy 2024

8 May (9 May if needed) 2024

Council consider submissions/make decisions

TBC May 2024

Council adopt New Smokefree Outdoor Spaces Policy

1 July 2024