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District Plan Effectiveness

How is our District Plan Shaping Up?

The following pdfs make up a report on the efficiency and effectiveness of objectives, policies, anticipated environmental results and other methods in our District Plan. This report was done in 2015 and is reviewed every five years.

  1. Introduction (pdf, 14kb)
  2. Executive Summary (pdf, 108kb)
  3. Amenity (pdf, 265kb)
  4. Heritage (pdf, 183b)
  5. Incompatible Activities (pdf, 102kb)
  6. Natural Environment (pdf, 244kb)
  7. Natural Hazards (pdf, 201kb)
  8. Network Utilities (pdf, 164kb)
  9. Residential Growth (pdf, 226kb)
  10. Riparian Management (pdf, 189kb)
  11. Rural Area Development (pdf, 196kb)
  12. Solid Waste (pdf, 168kb)
  13. Tangata Whenua (pdf, 184kb)
  14. Transport (pdf, 211kb)
  15. Abbreviation List (pdf, 11kb)

State of the Environment Monitoring

We also monitor and report on State of the Environment indicators annually. The State of the Environment Report also measures the pressures on the environment, how Council is responding to these pressures, and what the community can do to help, together with useful links to other agencies.

State of the Environment Report