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The Gambling Act 2003 required territorial authorities to adopt a Class 4 Gambling Venue and under the Racing industry Act terriotrial authorities must adopt a policy on TAB venues. 

Class 4 gambling

Class 4 Gambling refers to gambling that utilises a gaming machine (sometimes referred to as “pokies”) and where the net proceeds from the gambling are distributed to the community as grants or in the case of clubs can be applied to support a club’s operations and activities.


In the Gambling Act 2003, Class 4 Gambling is categorized as

  • Gambling that is not gambling of another class and that satisfies the following criteria
  • The net proceeds from the gambling are applied to or distributed for authorised purposes
  • No commission is paid to, or received by, a person for conducting the gambling
  • The gambling satisfies relevant game rules
  • Gambling that utilizes or involves a gaming machine

What is Council's role?

Council approval is required for new premises (and sometimes for increases in machine numbers for existing premises) as part of the Gambling Act overall licensing process.


Gambling Venue Policy

This policy outlines Council’s responsibility and role in dealing with gambling venues within the Matamata-Piako District.

Read the policy

Application Process Flowchart

Read the Application Process flowchart - Class 4 Gambling Venue Consent



Frequently Asked Questions

What is Class 4 Gambling?

Class 4 gambling is defined as the use of non-casino electronic gaming machines (commonly known as “pokies”) and is regulated under the Gambling Act 2003, administered by the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA).

Class 4 gambling may be conducted by a corporate society to raise money for an authorised purpose (e.g. community and non-commercial).  Corporate Societies must return at least 40 percent of the profits from the money gambled on pokie machines to authorised community purposes, with millions of dollars returned to the community via grants each year. You can find out how much money is returned to our communities here.

Class 4 gambling can also be hosted by clubs and the money raised must be returned for authorised purposes. This is generally for the provision and betterment of club facilities or the benefit of club members, and must be in alignment with the Gambling Act 2003.

You can find the latest class 4 venue and machine numbers for our district as well as the total spend here.