Dr Lawrence & Elsie Mackie Memorial Trusts

Dr Lawrence and Elsie Mackie Memorial Trust grants are available to people from Te Aroha and the surrounding country areas (Elstow, Manawaru, Mangaiti, Ngarua, Springdale, Te Aroha West, Wairakau, Waihou and Waitoa). This funding is provided for 'charitable purposes', for both groups or individuals.

What can funding be used for?

  • To supply the physical wants a person who is sick, aged destitute, poor, or helpless, or to pay the funeral expenses of someone who can not afford them;
  • Education (physical, mental, technical, or social) for the poor or their children;
  • Reformation of offenders, prostitutes, alcoholics, or drug addicts;
  • The employment and care of offenders released from prison;
  • Providing religious instruction (either general or denominational);
  • Supporting libraries, reading rooms, lectures and classes;
  • Promoting athletic sports and wholesome recreation and amusements;
  • Contributions towards losses by fire or other inevitable accidents;
  • Encouragement of skill, industry and thrift
  • The erection, laying out, maintenance, or repair of buildings and spaces for any of the purposes mentioned above.

Tips on how to be a successful applicant

  • Demonstrate a benefit to the community
  • Provide the necessary financial information
  • Complete all sections of the application form
  • Provide evidence of financial contributions
  • Make sure the application arrives on time

How is funding allocated?

Funding is managed by a Board of Trustees of five members (currently Don Farquhar, Peter Jager, Mary Massey, Tania McCarthy and Robin Spencer). The board meets in July annually to review applications and determine who will receive funding.

How do I apply?

To apply, simply download the application form below, complete the required information and return it to any Council office by the last business day of June. The Board of Trustees meets once a year (during July) to consider applications.

Applications closed at 4.30pm on 28 June 2019. 

Download the Application Form (pdf, 184KB)