Residential Growth Indicators


  • Number of residential lots created as a result of subdivision
  • Number of resource consents applied for/granted for dispensation of development controls (i.e. max height, yards, site coverage etc)
  • Number of notable trees or areas of indigenous vegetation removed as a result of residential development
  • Number of building consents applied for/granted for new dwellings


  • Urban populations numbers, including average household unit, age demographics etc
  • Area of land zoned residential and rural residential
  • Number of lots between 2,500m² and 10,000m² in the residential and rural-residential zones
  • Capacity of urban services to meet five year forecasted demands (water, waste etc)
  • Number of residential lots available with access to Council services


  • Number of infill subdivision consents granted and number of lots created per annum
  • Number and value of development contributions collected per annum
  • Council spending on urban service upgrades/maintenance per annum
  • Number of resource consent applications declined for non compliance with development controls