Riparian Management Indicators


  • Length of unvegetated, unfenced riparian margins
  • Number of dairy farms and stock numbers adjacent to waterways



  • % of riparian strips in vegetation
  • Quality of the district waterways i.e. parameters identified by Environment Waikato (temp, pH, DO, BOD, total N, turbidity, faecal coliforms, heavy metals)
  • % of districts waterways which comply with bathing standard guidelines
  • % of riparian areas accessible to the public
  • Number of complaints received per annum regarding poor water quality



  • % of riparian margins owned/managed by Council
  • Number of resource consents granted requiring the creation of or protection of existing riparian margins
  • Number and value of incentives offered e.g. rates relief
  • Number of landcare groups in operation
  • % of the community which received educational material regarding riparian management
  • Length of access and walkway development