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Frequently Asked Questions

When do dogs have to be registered?

Dogs must be registered before they reach three months old and then before 31 July each year. The fine for an unregistered dog is $300, plus the registration fee.


What happens if my dog dies?

You may wish to apply for a refund of your registration fees by completing Dog Refund Form; Council will then refund a proportion of the registration fee, calculated on the number of complete months left in the registration year. Please include a deposit slip or a print out showing your bank account number when applying for a refund. 


What should you do if you or your pet get attacked/bitten?

Call Council  as soon as possible on 07 8840060. Try to remember as much detail as you can recall about the dog, including its colour, breed, and location of where the event occured. Then fill in the Making a Complaint about a Dog Attack form and send or deliver to any of our  council offices as soon as possible.


What happens if I sell or give away my dog?

If you’ve sold or brought a dog, you must let us know the address of the new owner within 14 days, and the address where the dog is kept. If you don’t do this you could be facing a $100 fine.


Do I need to do anything if I move house?

If you move within the district, just phone Council and let us know your new address or complete a change of address form. If you currently hold the Responsible Owner's Rebate we will need to have the property inspected at your new address. If you move out of the district you will need to notify both councils within 14 days of shifting – if you take the current registration tag into the office, they should issue you a new one (for that district) free of charge.


Does my dog need a microchip?

Microchipping makes it easier to identify dogs that get lost, and to identify dangerous dogs. Since 2006 the law requires all new puppies to be microchipped within two months of registration.

You will also need to microchip your dog if:

  • you are registering your dog for the first time in your local area
  • your dog is classified as dangerous
  • your dog is classified as menacing
  • your dog has been impounded for the second time.

Working dogs are exempt from microchipping. A Working Dog Declaration form must be signed when registering a dog as a working dog.


Do I call the SPCA or Council?

When should you call the SPCA or Council?

Always call the SPCA if you have concerns about the welfare of a dog. This includes suspected cases of abuse, neglect or injured dogs. If you discover a dog who has been hit by a vehicle or if you are concerned for a dog that is locked in a vehicle you should always ring the SPCA.  Phone the SPCA on 07 847 4868.

You should contact Council if you see a stray or roaming dog, suspect a dog is unregistered, witness an aggressive dog, or if you have a barking dog complaint. If your dog goes missing you should call us as we may have already picked it up and been unable to contact you. If we haven’t found your dog we will add it to our lost and found system.

An Animal Control Officer is always available by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Phone us on 0800 746 467.