Pre-lodgement Meetings

All Restricted Building Work (residential buildings) industrial and commercial projects are required to have a pre-lodgement meeting in the Matamata Council Office with a Building Control Officer before a building consent is lodged. Contact the Building Control Administration Assistant on 07 884 0060 to arrange a meeting.

Building online

Companies that regularly lodge building consents with MPDC can lodge and track their building consents online using Building Online. Register for an account here.

Building consent application forms

Matamata-Piako District Council is a member of the Waikato Building Consent Group - a cluster of eight Councils who work together to bring consistency to the Building Consent process.

The group's website, has loads of information about building  including:

  • Application forms and checklists
  • Brochures and general information
  • Information about trees, fences and neighbours
  • Common questions and answers
  • Helpful links

And much more

You cannot start any building work until a building consent has been issued. You can get building consent application forms and other helpful information on the build waikato website, or pick up a copy from your closest area office.

Development Contributions

When building you may also be required to pay Development Contributions (DC's) - read the DC's brochure for more information (pdf, 157kb) 

How much DC's will cost depends on the type of development and the area that it is in. DC's are charged based on 'Household Equivalent Units (HEU's)' - in general terms this means that if a development that has the impact on infrastructure of one house it will pay DC's for one HEU. Larger developments will pay more HEU's depending on the size of the development (because they will have a greater impact on infrastructure).

As a guideline, you can view the 2018/19 Development Contribution costs (pdf, 190kb). The costs listed on this schedule are for 1 HEU. These costs are provided as a guide only - we recommend you contact us to discuss the likely cost of DC's prior to undertaking building or development work.

For detailed information on Development Contributions and HEU's, refer to the Development Contributions Policy (pdf, 2.3mb).