Long Term Plan (LTP)

Council is required to produce and update a Long Term Plan (LTP) every three years. This plan must be reviewed every three years, with an Annual Plan developed on the years in between. The LTP outlines Council’s activities for the next ten years, providing a long-term focus for decision making.

Long Term Plan 2018-28

The Long Term Plan is “the big one” – it outlines all the services and projects we’re planning for the next ten years, what they’re going to cost, and how we’ll fund them (including what rates increases are likely to be for the next ten years).

Section 1: Introduction | Whakataki (pdf, 2MB)
Section 2: Financial Strategy | Rautaki Puutea (pdf, 2.2MB)
Section 3: Infrastructure Strategy | Rautaki Hangarau (pdf, 4.8MB)
Section 4: Key Assumptions | Tohu aa Takiwaa (pdf, 1.5MB)
Section 5: Our District, Economy and Population | Rohe Ohaanga Taupori  (pdf, 186KB)
Section 6: Groups of Activities - What we do | Mahi aa Roopuu (pdf, 4MB)
Section 7: Financials | Puutea (pdf, 2MB)
Section 8: Policies | Kaupapa Here (pdf, 1.8MB)
Section 9: Key Relationships and Audit Opinion | Ki Whakawhanaunga a Arotake (pdf, 532KB)

Previous Plans

Long Term Plan 2015-25:

The plan is broken into three parts which can be downloaded individually below.

Long Term Plan 2012-22:

  • Part 1 (pdf, 2.4MB) - An introduction to the plan and important background information
  • Part 2 (pdf, 4.4MB) - Descriptions of all Council services and activities and what we're planning for the next ten years
  • Part 3 (pdf, 3MB) - Financial information and policies

Long-Term Council Community Plan (2009-2019)