What Council Is Doing

Council is able to impose conditions on new development to reduce impacts on amenity. These include the control of noise, dust, odour, glare, vibration, spray drift and signage, and more than one condition may be imposed on a resource consent. The number of conditions imposed has increased since 2012/13. The 188 conditions imposed on 94 resource consents in 2015/16 is the highest number recorded to date.

The number of amenity conditions varies from year to year with the type of activities applying for consent and the environmental effects they may have. This increase also reflects a shift in attitude by Council’s Regulatory Planners towards being transparent about what is acceptable in terms of amenity effects. To achieve this they have been applying conditions to consents clearly stating the limits of what is acceptable. In the past the planners have relied on the limits specified in the District Plan.



Significant Natural Features Grant

Council is also working with local land owners to protect the district’s significant natural features. Landowners who think they have a significant site on their property can apply for a Significant Natural Features Grant to help pay for fencing off the site.

This grant was established in 2006 when Council worked with an ecologist to determine significant native vegetation in the district. 667 units of habitat totaling 3,111 hectares have been surveyed and 23% of this area (721 hectares) was considered significant. Of the total area surveyed, 78% was determined to be indigenous (predominantly native species), 20% (mainly non-native species) and 2% was not determined.

The significant features included native indigenous vegetation, such as native tree stands, areas of bush, and wetlands. Council, along with a working party made up from different sectors of the community, considered different incentives to offer landowners who fence off and protect significant natural features.

Council is happy to provide an ecologist to survey potentially significant sites that have not already been visited within the district. Please contact Customer Services to discuss this further.


What You Can Do To Help

Contact Council if you are affected by loud noise or offensive odours

How Are We Doing?

Anticipated Environmental Results



  • AchievingAchieving
  • Progress towards achievementProgress towards achievement
  • Not AchieveingNot Achieving
  • Not MonitoredNot Monitored
A reduction in the number of complaints from the public concerning the adverse effects of activities not achieving
Improved public perception of general amenity in the built environment, particularly urban areas

Progress towards  achievement(This could be 'achieving' if we had some baseline data to show ‘improvement’ against)

Evolution of a more interesting and varied urban form

Progress towards  achievement(Applications for breaches to standards appear limited in range and number)

Maintenance and enhancement of building, site and visual appearance in rural, residential and business areas Achieving
Retention of the special heritage character of Te Aroha, the "garden city" character of Matamata and introduction of the mainstreet concept in Morrinsville Achieving
Reduced incidence of nuisance affecting residential, business and recreational areas

not achieving

Minimal adverse visual amenity and traffic safety effects from signs and advertising


Establishment of increasing number of innovative and comprehensive residential development with generous amenity provision Not Monitored
Longer term improvements in environmental health and safety due to reduced rural nuisance and improved management of agricultural spray usage and application Not Monitored
Visual amenity of significant landscape areas is unchanged or improved Not Monitored
Increase in number of trees planted in the district by Council and private landowners Not Monitored

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