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Our district is at the Red setting of the new traffic light system (COVID-19 Protection Framework). Council offices and facilities are open. Please wear face coverings and scan in using your NZ COVID-19 Tracer app. Further information about Council's services at the Red setting will be available soon.

State of the Environment Overview

Council’s State of the Environment Monitoring is the ongoing monitoring and reporting of the indicators identified and most of these are reported on annually. It also measures the pressures on the environment and how Council is responding to these pressures, as well as what the community can do to help and provides useful links to other agencies.

State of the Environment Report



Past Reports

The 1999 State of the Environment Report, which is the first State of the Environment report produced - identifying some of the key policy issues within our environment, our objectives and visions, and providing us with a baseline of information to report against.

State of the Environment Report 1999