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Bylaws are local legislation enforceable by the Council staff and other nominated agencies. In 2008 most of Council’s Bylaws were reviewed and combined to form the Consolidated Bylaw.  

The Consolidated Bylaw is broken up into the following sections: 


* Note: Due to a change in the way speed limits are set, Council removed references to the setting of speed limits within its Consolidated Bylaw in September 2022. Speed limits are now set using speed management plans and the legal instrument for the setting of speed limits is the National Speed Limit Register (NSLR). Prior to this, Council set speed limits (on local roads, not State Highways) through its bylaw-making process under the Land Transport Act 1998. All current speed limits can be viewed via the NSLR, an online maps-based source of speed limits for roads in New Zealand. The register can be accessed here.