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Infrastructure Code of Practice

The Infrastructure Code of Practice sets out the standards for materials and construction required by Matamata-Piako District Council.

These standard technical specifications apply to all works that are for Council whether by way of direct contract to Council or as part of a development where the infrastructural assets will become part of the Council network following completion.


The Code of Practice refers to the MPDC Development Manual and District Plan. We recommend reading these documents alongside one another.


Part 1 - General (pdf, 207kb)


Part 2 - Earthworks (pdf, 132kb)


Part 3 - Roading (pdf, 607kb)


Part 4 - Wastewater and Stormwater (pdf, 229kb)


Part 5 - Water and Pump Stations (pdf, 188kb)


Part 6 - Water (pdf, 233kb)


Part 7 - Landscaping Works (pdf, 441kb)