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Cadman Bath House

Cadman Bath HouseThe Cadman Bath House was opened on Queen Victoria’s birthday, 24 May 1898  by Hon. A J Cadman, Minister for Railways and Mines. The building measured 30m long by 8.5m wide with private baths and a central corridor 2.4m wide. In 1929 a new massage room was built onto the rear of the Cadman Bath House and updated X-ray equipment was installed. As late as 1950 a qualified physiotherapist was practising, providing massage and special treatments and provided 4,000 treatments in the year 1949-50.

The Cadman Bath House remains the main iconic feature within the Domain. Although no longer used as a formal spa house, the building retains dominance over the Domain. Its design and location being on a central elevated plateau provides the Domain’s focal point. The building façade is symmetrical adding to its formal stately appearance, with the main entrance being at the centre of the building and grand steps leading to the front doors.

Cadman Bath HouseThe Te Aroha District Museum Society currently curate and operate the Museum in the Cadman Bath House on a voluntary basis. The Society leases the building from Council. Funding for the Museum comes from donations, grants and admission charges.

The Museum collection contains exhibits and archival information related to the history of the Domain, Te Aroha Township and the surrounding district. It is a valuable resource, both locally and nationally, worthy of permanent preservation and conservation.