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Part 2 – Earthworks and Land Stability

2.4    General

Earthmoving activities are subject to both Regional and District Council approvals.  Resource consents, if required, shall be obtained before commencement of site work.

Choice of final landform is dependent on many factors which may be specific to the development or subdivision.  These include:

  • Relation with surrounding landscape.
  • Size.
  • Roading pattern.
  • Preservation of natural features.
  • Stability.
  • Damage by flood or other natural occurrences such as erosion by sea, river, or surface water run-off.

The intent is that every lot shall contain a safe building platform suitable for the erection of building types appropriate to the zoning of the land.

All resource consent applications for subdivision, or any other type of development where land stability needs to be addressed shall be accompanied by a Statement of Suitability for Development relevant to the site. Council may request that a more detailed geotechnical report be undertaken to prove the suitability of the site for its intended purpose after evaluating the engineer’s statement.