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Levels of Service

Financial Goal - Maintain the levels of service we currently provide

You’ve told us that you want us to keep delivering our existing services, and you want them managed to at least the same standard – so that has been the starting point for our forward planning. To ensure we’re doing this in the most cost effective way, we plan to:

  • improve our understanding of the condition of our assets so that our future costs of maintenance and renewal can be planned, and actively minimised.
  • look after what we’ve got – allocating $149 million over the next ten years to renew existing assets.
  • smooth our costs, such as maintenance and renewal of assets, where possible to minimise the impact on ratepayers.
  • extend services to cater for growth – at a forecast cost of $16.1 million over the next ten years

Financial Goal - Improve some levels of service

You’ve told us that you want Matamata-Piako to become the place of choice. To work towards this we are planning to improve some services that we think the community would like or that you have already told us you need such as those identified throughout the Consulation Document.

Things such as additional water sources for Morrinsville, improvements to our rubbish and recycling services, revitalising town centres, walking and cycling connections and various new or upgraded facilities. We have allocated $119 million over 2021-2031 to improve some levels of service.