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Morrinsville recreation master plan

We heard some great ideas for Morrinsville as part of the ‘Your Voice Your Vision’ consultation in 2020. We also know by the time we get to the end of this ten year plan, the Morrinsville pools will be reaching the end of their life, and a few years later the events centre will also be due for renewal.

So instead of just replacing facilities when they come to the end of their asset life, we think we should take a more strategic approach and look at all of Morrinsville’s recreation facilities – so we can make sure that whatever we do over the next ten to 30 years is well planned, something we can afford and is what the community needs both now, and in the future.

What's in the draft budget

Rough figures included in the budget:

  • Improvements to the Morrinsville Recreation Ground - $257,000 in 2022/23, then $1.2 million split over seven years, from 2024/25
  • Morrinsville pool redevelopment -$12.3 million from 2028/29 to 2030/31
  • While Morrinsville Events Centre would be included in the strategic review, no funding has been earmarked in the next ten years for changes or redevelopment 
Rates impact Average per year 2022/23 - 2030/31
$550,000 urban property $7.48
$8 million rural property $108.78
Debt impact - increase of $13.7 million by 2030/31 including inflation 

While this is a ten year plan, we actually plan 30 years ahead for our community facilities and our infrastructure (like pipes and roads).

You can view our 30 year Infrastructure Strategy here.