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A stage for the Matamata-Piako Civic and Memorial Centre

This was one of your ‘top picks’ when we asked the community for ideas in 2020.

Click here for more info on the top 3 and feedback on the other ideas.

A stage, green room and dressing rooms were costed as part of the original design of the Matamata-Piako Civic and Memorial Centre in 2015/16, however, they were not included in the final design in order to keep the project within budget. Ground preparation, potential power, water and wastewater connections were all factored into the build, as well as a proscenium arch within the back wall, to enable a stage to be built at a later date.

Based on community feedback, we think we should complete a business plan to get more detailed costs and see if building a stage stacks up. If it does, we’d look to provide seed funding to get the project started – with the Matamata community needing to get behind the project and raise the additional funds to complete the project in order for it to go ahead.

What will it cost?

Rough figures included in the budget:$200,000 in 2023/24 as seed funding for the stage


Rates impact Average per year  2023/24 - 2030/31
$550,000 urban property $0.59
$8 million rural property $8.52
Debt impact - increase of $211,000 by 2023/24