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Development Contributions Policy

When new development occurs throughout the district it creates demand for new and upgraded infrastructure. 
We are required by law to provide details about how we will fund capital expenditure – the costs of providing new assets or increasing their capacity. As the cost of growth is driven by development, we believe that each development should pay a share of those costs. 
To cover those costs, we charge Development Contributions to people or organisations when they develop property. These funds are then used to fund capital works (new infrastructure) driven by that growth.  
We adopted our first Development Contributions Policy in 2004, and last revised it in 2018. We are now required under legislation to review our existing policy once more and to consult with the communities on any changes we have proposed.
The statement of proposal includes a summary of the proposed changes, the draft Development Contributions Policy 2021, the reasons for it, reasonably practicable policy options and information about how you can have your say.
We want to hear from anyone who has an interest in these issues before final decisions are made on what will/won't be included in the Policy.