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Dog park in Matamata

In 2020, we asked for people to submit their ideas for our community, asked for people to vote for their favourite ideas– we committed to doing business cases for the three most popular ideas. One of the top three ideas was a dog park in Swap Park, Matamata.

This was one of your ‘top picks’ when we asked the community for ideas in 2020.

Click here for more info on the top 3 and feedback on the other ideas.

What's in the draft budget – create a dog park at Swap Park

We’ve done the business case and adding a dedicated dog area to Swap Park stacks up.There are a few things we’d need to do first, like consulting with neighbours and making changes to the Dog Control Bylaw. We’d like to get these things underway in 2021/22, and have the dog park up and running by 2022/23.

What will it cost?

This option is expected to have no impact on rates. The community group driving this idea are planning on completing most of the work themselves. Council could contribute to costs like signage and rubbish bins from existing budgets.

Rates impact  
$550,000 urban property No impact
$8 million rural property No impact
Debt impact - no impact on debt 

Another option – don’t do it

The dog park would be a great addition for Matamata locals and their four-legged friends – but it’s not essential. If you don’t think a dog park is required, or you would prefer this space to be used for something else, we could opt not to proceed with this project.

What would this option cost?

If we didn’t proceed, there would be no costs, rates or debt impact.

If you want to comment on this specific project proposed in the LTP (a Dog Park at Swap Park) or Council’s animal control services, then add to your LTP submission below.

If you are wanting to comment on dog parks in general (e.g. what types of dog exercise areas Council should provide in future, where they should be, whether we need more or not, who should pay for them, who should look after them etc.) then the Parks & Open Spaces Strategy would be the most appropriate to comment on. Click here to make a submission on the Parks & Open Spaces Strategy.