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The underlying information

To develop the Consultation Document (CD) for the 2021-2031 Long Term Plan, Council must prepare and adopt the underlying information - such as growth projections for the district, identifying the signficant assumptions we're making in our forecasts, identifying what services we'll provide and to what standard, as well as a Financial Strategy and an Infrastructure Strategy.

After we've had feedback from the community on the Consultation Document, we are then required to adopt a Long Term Plan by 30 June 2021. Based on this timeline, we have prepared a draft LTP as part of the underlying information. You can read the Draft Long Term Plan in full (pdf, 14.9mb) or select the relevant section of the plan here:

Section 1: He Kupu Whakataki  |  Introduction

Section 2: Rautaki ā-Pūtea  |  Financial Strategy

Section 3: Rautaki ā-Hanganga  |  Infrastructure Strategy

Section 4: Ngā Whakatatau Matua |  Key Assumptions

Section 5: Tō Tātou Rohe, Ōhanga, Taupori Hoki  | Our District, Economy, and Population

Section 6: Ā Mātou Mahi  |  What we do

Section 7: Te Pūtea  |  Financials

Section 8: Ngā Kaupapahere  |  Policies

Section 9: Ngā Whakawhanaungatanga Matua |  Key Relationships



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