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Submissions overview

Interested to see how your views stack up with others? Or keen to read what others have to say before making your submission? Check out the submissions below.

Data is published live as submissions come in, so these will continually change throughout the consultation period. 

Hard copy submissions

Submitter NameDate entered
LATE: Not Provided2021-05-11 14:20:14View submission
LATE: Sue Callis2021-05-10 14:31:41View submission
LATE: Not Provided2021-05-06 13:50:20View submission
LATE: Denise Herbert 2021-05-06 12:03:19View submission
LATE: Not Provided2021-05-06 11:56:05View submission
LATE: John MacRae2021-05-06 11:46:43View submission
LATE: Kelsey Beattie2021-05-06 11:43:52View submission
LATE: J.G & B.A. Blagrove2021-04-29 20:28:14View submission
LATE: Nyrene McLeod2021-04-27 20:08:49View submission
LATE: Bevan Goldsmith2021-04-27 11:29:04View submission
LATE: Valmai Amy Cohen2021-04-27 11:22:12View submission
LATE: Craig Davison2021-04-23 21:44:12View submission
LATE: Darlene Thomas2021-04-23 21:39:18View submission
LATE: Rochelle Arthur2021-04-23 21:33:12View submission
Hilary Louise Campbell2021-04-22 10:27:56View submission